Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Facts about the song

An earlier demo called Never Never contains a portion of the Sun always shines on TV.

The song was one of the last recorded for the Hunting high and low album. Morten and Magne were not well at the time and were lying on the studio floor with a fever.

It was included on the album when Warner executive Andrew Wickham's secretary heard it and was convinced it would be a hit.

Paul created the drum track for the song.

The band felt at the time that the Sun always shines on TV was one of the songs that most closely captured the sound they were aiming for.

Paul claimed that a presenter on television said something like '...and as always the sun shines on TV' - which inspired the title of the song.

There are a number of versions of the song released:
  • single edit 1985
  • album version 1985
  • extended version (shorter) 1985
  • extended version (longer - different mix) 1985
  • flexi US dance mix (free with No.1 magazine) 1985
  • disconet mix 1986
  • live version 2003
  • live version (edit) 2003
  • live version (BBC Radio 2 Ken Bruce) 2006
Pictures reproduced from Smash Hits 1985

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